Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Apps

JavaScript programming language has been around for more than two decades now and it has been a proven language for building complex web interfaces. Initially plain JavaScript along with jQuery was used and involved more effort and complexity in development and maintenance of code. With the advent of JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript specialists got the scope to focus on building interactive elements of the user interface as they no more needed to worry about code structure and maintenance. Let us put a glance on the crucial features of the ten most advanced and feature rich frameworks popular among the developer community:


1. Angular.js

AngularJS dons the crown of most used JS framework for building Single Page Web Applications. It powers HTML by adding all the necessary features needed to build dynamic views. Two way binding is at the core of this framework and it allows DOM manipulation without the pain of writing code.

Visit Angular’s official site to read more about it –

2. React.js

This framework can efficiently build large scale dynamic applications and it is evident from the fact that the user interfaces (UIs) of Facebook and Instagram are powered by ReactJS. This framework utilizes virtual DOM to be rendered either at client side or server side and communicate back and forth.

You can know more about React at –

3. Ember.js

It is a powerful MVC framework which competes with Angular and React in reference to building interactive frontend UIs. It too utilizes the concept of two way binding like Angular and server side rendering of DOM similar to React

You can read more about Ember at –

4. Aurelia.js

It is a new framework managed by a highly professional community. The USP of this framework is that it is highly modularized and contains several independent small libraries. JavaScript experts can use the complete framework for their project, use some of the libraries needed, or extend the chosen libraries to create custom framework suitable for their project.

You can read more about AureliaJs at –

5. Meteor.js

This framework allows mobile and web app developers to build entire application in pure JavaScript and at a very high speed. Your applications being developed end-to-end only in JavaScript, you need only MeteorJS packages to access the database. Thus any changes introduced in the database are reflected back on the UI in the real time making your applications real time web applications.

Read more about Meteor at –

6. Backbone.js

If you are looking for a lightweight yet power-packed framework then BackboneJS is just perfect! As it is simple and easy to learn, you can get started with it for building your applications within no time. With Backbone at the core you can build another fully functional independent framework.

Read more about this framework at –

7. Polymer.js

This framework utilizes the concept of web components – the browser technology released by W3C – to extend HTML capabilities. You can create your own custom elements in HTML with web components and related technologies.

You can find more information about Polymer at –

8. Knockout.js

Knockout was earlier competing with Angular, Ember or Backbone but currently it is growing at a much slower pace. Unlike Ember and Angular it follows the MVVM design paradigm. It can make a comeback if it is nurtured with latest and greatest JS technologies. It has made it to this list because of its great legacy.

9. Vue.js

This is a new JS framework which is gaining popularity among JavaScript specialists by allowing them to use selective modules as per project needs. It also works under MVVM design paradigm like Knockout and has a very simple API.

Know more about VueJs at –

10. Mercury.js

Mercury is a promising new entrant in the framework sector and it getting quite a lot attention from JavaScript specialists. You can extend this modern and fully JS framework to the extent you need.

Visit this link to know more about MercuryJS at

The concept of JS frameworks is not a very old thing but its growth has accelerated in the past few years as they have become the default choice of JavaScript Web Development Companies for building complex UIs for Single Page Web Applications.

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